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Danny West nominated and successfully shortlisted
as a finalist for the Coaching Academy International Coaching
Award for ‘Coaching for a Cause’ 2015 & 2018.

The coaching relationship delivers tangible results in the context of a supportive relationship between the coachee and the coach, coaching gets results.
Through the provision of my training services I will always aim to ensure that I assist my clients to address and challenge discrimination and prejudice in the delivery of their services and within the working environment as an integral part of their daily life.
I am passionate and fully committed to the empowerment and leadership of people who are living with the many challenges and opportunities associated with disability, long term health conditions and injury.
A new innovative model of empowerment and leadership developed by people living with HIV. The SMH challenges HIV stigma and builds the self confidence, strengths and skills of people living with HIV.
I have extensive experience in providing a range of employment training programmes and coaching packages which enable people to successfully gain employment and overcome the barriers associated with employment. I also provide a bespoke CV development service.

Training designed and developed for each client

I will design and develop a bespoke training programme which will be unique to your training requirements.

My name is Danny West, I am an experienced and qualified social worker, trainer, and personal performance coach, my consultancy provides and delivers a range of consultancy, training and coaching services to the public, voluntary and corporate sectors.

I work independently and am also able to access and work in partnership with a team of qualified and experienced trainers, coaches and facilitators who come from a variety of professional backgrounds and settings, we originate from a diverse backgrounds of age, gender, sexuality and ethnicity.

My team and I have been affected both personally and professionally by all of the issues that are reflected

within my services and we all share a vision of human equality, empowerment and leadership.

As a result of our shared experience we have accumulated an extensive broad base of knowledge and skills in relation to these issues and we have a particular interest and commitment to addressing equality, diversity and social inclusion; we all share a particular commitment to professional, organisational and personal development (CPD).

I am particularly interested in and committed to working with people affected by or living with HIV, disabilities, long term health conditions and injuries.

I believe that it is my mission to serve my customers with integrity, passion and commitment to enable them to envision their goals and achieve their fullest potential.

I am passionate about equality and diversity and I am confident in my ability to deliver results.
Specifically committed to the leadership and empowerment of my clients, I have developed a range of innovative training, leadership and coaching programmes that aim to embrace and optimise human potential.
Developing and delivering bespoke services to my diverse range of clients locally, nationally and internationally is my on-going aim.
Above all I experience joy in my work and inspiration in serving and enabling people living with disabilities to achieve personal and professional success.
I will continue challenge and address inequality, discrimination, prejudice and injustice in my everyday life and in all of the work that I do in world.

I have a vision of a society in which there is equality, diversity, social inclusion, empowerment and leadership.

I am passionately committed to working in partnership with my clients to ensure that the human rights and equality of my clients becomes an actualised reality in their everyday lives.

I intend to work tirelessly towards continuing to initiate, influence and establish equality justice locally, nationally and internationally.
I will promote the birth right of my clients to establish complete equality of opportunity and will ensure that my clients are supported and championed to contribute fully and equally to the communities and societies in which they live.

I am fully committed to and passionate about equal opportunities in its widest sense and fully support the addressing of equal opportunities and diversity within my work practice and the provision of all of my services, I have has established and operate my own equal opportunities policies and practice.
All of my work aims to positively challenge discrimination and prejudice which I recognise to be a consequence of fear, misinformation and prejudice.
I am particularly aware of confidentiality because of my commitment to human rights and equal opportunities; I am committed to ensuring that all my clients are aware of my practice policies and regulations.

All my associates are required to formally agree to my policy of confidentiality in writing using a specifically developed confidentiality contract which I witness and sign. I have sought legal advice and have gained the necessary guidance in relation to the regulations that govern the operation of my business and services and I operate this policy of confidentiality in line with the ‘GDPR’, ‘Data Protection Act 1998′ and the ‘Human Rights Act 1998′.

Additionally I operate a confidentiality agreement which is designed to be negotiated on an individual basis with each of my individual clients which acknowledges IID related discrimination and the specific stigma associated with HIV. The HIV status of my clients will not be recorded either electronically or on paper within my organisation for any purposes.

I also state that all information collected and stored by me in relation to my clients will be done so under the ‘Data Protection Act’ regulations and will be protected by password if stored electronically or secured in locked filling cabinets if stored on paper.

All information collected and or stored will adhere to the eight principals of the ‘Data Protection Act’ as follows.

Information will be:

  • Fairly and lawfully processed.
  • Processed for specific purposes.
  • Adequate, relevant and not excessive.
  • Accurate, and where necessary, kept up to date.
  • Not kept for longer than necessary.
  • Processed in line with the rights of the individual.
  • Kept secure.
  • Not transferred or passed on to a third party without the express written consent of the client.

I will provide full access to all information stored by me to my individual clients when requested under the terms of the ‘Data Protection Act’.

All my fees are negotiable and I will endeavour to negotiate mutually agreeable fees with each of my individual and organisational clients that are based in the realities of the current constraints determined by the present financial climate and the budgets available to my clients.
I first met Danny West when I was attending a Leadership Course organised by Disability Rights UK, throughout the course Danny was allocated as my coach. Danny listened carefully to what I considered to be my strengths and weaknesses, what my goals were and how I viewed my relationship and leadership skills. He was able quickly to assess areas where I needed to work and we soon established a rapport. He was challenging and stimulating which encouraged me to think for myself and this provided a background for meaningful discussions. He had high expectations both for himself and for those he was coaching. The encouragement and support he gave showed an empathy with his client who in turn responded by achieving a high level of commitment and confidence as a leader.

I can recommend Danny as a coach with confidence that has come from working closely with him. His skills of listening, empathy, professionalism and commitment to getting the best out of clients make him a good choice as a coach

Gwynneth Pedler, Disability Advocate & Campaigner 2015
Danny has worked on several training assignments with Disability Rights UK and the feedback he has received has always been very impressive and complimentary. Danny combines a strong personal knowledge base on disability issues with well planned, structured programmes that are delivered diligently and with good attention to detail. Danny clearly has a passion for this subject matter and we would recommend him to other organisations
Jason Jaspal, Disability Rights UK
We have worked with Danny on two different projects this year – one a mentoring programme for disabled aspiring local politicians and another a training course for existing local politicians who aspire to leadership. Danny has delivered consistently, to an exceptional level of professionalism and knowledge, on both of these. His enthusiasm is contagious and he will work tirelessly with you to devise the best possible programme for your audience. We would be very happy to recommend his work.
Vanessa Chagas, Independent Group Office
Danny has supported the Work Positive Programme at Terrence Higgins Trust for the last 4 years delivering a combination of group training sessions and one-to-one coaching tailored towards supporting people living with HIV back towards the workplace. Danny brings such enthusiasm, great professionalism and knowledge. His group sessions are great and well received – the feedback from the group has always been excellent – they really enjoy his delivery style, his personal insight and his motivating manner. The one-to-one coaching has a fantastic impact on the participants and enables them to engage fully with the rest of the programme and move forward on their employment journey. Danny is a great trainer and coach and has had a significant impact on the achievements and development of participants on Work Positive.
Ruth Burns, Work Positive Programme Coordinator

Danny West nominated for The Diversity Champion Award: Education Sector for The Excellence in Diversity Awards 2016!