Coaching Benefits

The benefits of personal coaching have become increasingly popular as a tool or relationship which enables people to attain their goals and achieve success. Coaching has also become an established accepted professional development approach within business, commercial and working environments and cultures.

Coaching within teams, businesses and organisations is becoming increasingly recognised within both the public, third and private sectors as an effective developmental professional resource which enables and supports teams, business and organisations to meet targets and achieve success.

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Bespoke training services designed to meet the needs of my clients

Through the provision of my training services I will always aim to ensure that I assist my clients to address and challenge discrimination and prejudice in the delivery of their services and within the working environment as an integral part of their daily life. All my training is delivered in a positive, safe and respectful environment of learning, change and development.

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Leadership is a journey and an ongoing proactive human rights debate. I have a preference for the authentic leadership, the Emotional Intelligent Model of Leadership developed by Daniel Goleman and in Principal Centred Leadership developed by Stephen R Covey who are both committed to and recognise human potential, autonomy and empowerment.

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