Bespoke training services

I provide a range of bespoke training services which are designed to meet the specific needs of my clients.

Through the provision of my training services I will always aim to ensure that I assist my clients to address and challenge discrimination and prejudice in the delivery of their services and working/organisational environments as an integral part of inclusion, diversity and difference.

All my training is delivered in a positive, safe and respectful environment of learning, change and development through establishing a learning agreement and positive learning cycle; I utilise a person-centred approach.

I provide my clients with a training needs analysis consultation which identifies their specific training, learning and development needs resulting in the development of a bespoke training programme.

All training services will be continually assessed and evaluated, ensuring that equal opportunities monitoring is conducted as part of my on-going commitment to equality and diversity and measurable learning outcomes.

Empowerment & Leadership Programmes & Training

Please refer to the Leadership Sections – Leadership programmes and training are designed and delivered based on an extensive leadership training needs analysis consultation and commissioning exercise.

I am a member of the Institute of Leadership & Management who recognise my training programme contributions and leadership consultation and training competences.

Empowerment & Leadership of people living with HIV

Empowerment & Leadership of People Living with HIV Infection

I am passionately committed to people affected by or those living with HIV, this originates from our own personal and professional experience of the many challenges associated with HIV and AIDS. Over the past couple of years I have worked in partnership with people living with HIV and the organisations that serve people living with HIV to develop a new innovative model of empowerment and leadership entitled The Social Model of HIV; please refer to the separate section on this website.

I have a vision of equality and increasing sustainable positive role models of people living with HIV and I am allied to developing the empowerment and leadership competencies and contributions of people who are living with HIV.

Listed below is an example of the training programmes that I have provided to people living with HIV or the organisations that enable and support people living with HIV; this however is not an exhaustive list; I am able to develop specific training programmes to meet the needs of HIV organisations and organisations that aim to address HIV stigma.

  • HIV & Coaching Skills.
  • Coming to terms with an HIV Diagnosis.
  • Managing a Chronic Condition & Living with HIV.
  • Empowerment & Leadership for people living with HIV – Confidence Building.
  • The Social Model of HIV
  • Growing Older with HIV.
  • Gay Men & HIV.
  • Safer Sex & Positive Prevention.
  • “To Test Or Not To Test that is the Question”? (HIV Testing).
  • Training the Trainers.
  • Volunteer Training.
  • HIV & the Workplace.
  • The Equality Act & HIV.
  • Workplace Employment Policy & Practice.
  • Managerial Responses to HIV.
  • HIV & Returning to Employment.

Sex & Sexuality

I am committed to the human rights and equality of opportunity of the LGBT communities. My team share professional and personal histories of working with the LGBT communities. We also have extensive experience of providing training programmes which address sexuality within a variety of organisational contexts.

Our training programmes include the following:

  • Exploring our attitudes to Sexuality.
  • Sexuality & Equal Opportunities.
  • Dealing With Homophobia in the Workplace.

Death, Dying & Bereavement

“A diagnosis of HIV can be viewed as a death sentence, a horrific impending end to a life lived too short or an opportunity to realise your dreams and goals and truly live an accomplished life” – Danny West 1989

I have a qualification in end of life care, bereavement and grief and have extensive personal and professional experience of death, dying and bereavement and have worked closely with many organisations who provide services for people who are facing death and dying. I have been privileged to have been close to many of my own friends, family members and loved ones who have died and to have worked closely with many clients through long term health conditions and their personal journeys of dying and death.

I have many stories and experiences to share and I provide a safe training and workshop environments in which my clients can explore issues associated with dying, death and bereavement.

My training courses and workshops include:

  • Exploring our attitudes to Dying, Death & Bereavement
  • Supporting & Working with the dying
  • Supporting those who are bereaved
  • Counselling Skills
  • Living with Bereavement and Grief

Diversity & Social Inclusion

I am able to provide a range of training programmes which explore race, ethnicity, cultural difference, sexuality, gender, disability and age. These training services are specifically designed to meet the individual needs of my clients in which I will assist you to explore and challenge the many issues and attitudes relating to diversity and social exclusion. I enable my clients to develop response approaches to discrimination and prejudice which support and generate positive attitudes and practice within their organisations.

“We all should know that our diversity makes for a rich tapestry, and we must understand that all the threads of the tapestry are equal in value”  – ‘MAYA ANGELOU’

Personal & Organisational Development

I have developed a range of developmental training and coaching services for organisations, businesses and groups, I am able to work in partnership with individual, group or organisational clients to enable them to address the issues associated with the training programmes listed below.

I am committed to developing services in partnership with my clients which promote service excellence.

Portfolio of training programmes provided includes the following:

  • Effective Communication and Listening skills.
  • Positive Thinking.
  • Team Building.
  • Developing Your Self Esteem.
  • Personal Action Planning Strategies.
  • Working effectively as a group.
  • Organisational Goal Setting and Target Achievement.
  • Communicating as a Team.
  • Training Your Trainers.
  • Developing Mission Statements & Organisational Visions.
  • Rapport Building.
  • CV Workshops.
  • Mentoring and Mentor Training.
  • Back to employment training.
  • Sustainable Networking.
  • Planning and action planning.
  • SWOT Analysis.